Decorate your dining table in style!

4-02-2013 Textiles

The dining table is a special piece of furniture in your home not just because it’s where the family eats together but also because it occupies a central and big space in the home décor. Needless to add, you have to make it look elegant, stylish and in sync with the overall style of your home.

Before we go on, let’s make a few basics clear.

  • Place your dining table in the centre of the room to acquire maximum attention.
  • Never put in more than 8 chairs.
  • The combination of wooden structure with a glass top is an all-time classic.
  • Wherever you place your dining table, make sure the lighting is good. Use of candles in the room lifts up the ambiance.
  • Use of frames and sculptures in the dining room will automatically give a royal look.
  • Never go for funky colors when it comes to dining tables. They have to be a place of comfort, not an eyesore!

Now moving on to some dining table décor tips:

  • Make contrasts work for you. If you dining table is heavy, choose chairs and chandeliers light in color and feel to balance the look.
  • Use centerpieces like transparent glass vases filled with tropical leaves, different shaped glassware, fresh flowers or even fresh fruits to beautify your table.
  • Dining table cloths make your table look neat and nice. Cotton, silk, rayon, organza, organdy, jute, polyester and satin material can be used for table cloths.
  • While choosing dining table mats, look for excellence and durability of their material. Jute mats are good for rustic style interior while for modern style interior, you can use cotton and linen table mats.
  • Dining table runners and dining candles add style to your table so make good use of them.

Now go make your dining table stylish. Happy dining!